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Thursday, October 10, 2013

These are just a few photos from the past week that didn't really fit in any where on my other posts so I decided to do just a random post with all my pictures that don't have a place. 

 Logan Truong, Lauren (Lolo) and I were trying to do a double piggy back ride, but Lauren did not trust Logan enough to let go of the wall. 

After the Saturday sessions of general conference, my friend Chase Checketts took me out golfing with him. It was such a blast and so beautiful.

Jason Eck, me and Jordan Nielson making some weird faces.

I miss my family so much and I had the opportunity to FaceTime all of them while they were out chopping wood. I love technology so much for that reason. Love and miss every single one of you.

I guess I don't know the story behind these photos because my mom sent them to me while they were out chopping wood, but they made me smile so I had to share them. Boys will always be boys. 



Once a week I get to email Elder Tyler Johnson just like every week he always says something that I need to hear, but this week especially his words really helped. So thankful to him and the example he has been to me and my family. 

In my anthropology class Logann, Bailey and I have a group message going and we send each other some crazy pictures. I sent this one to them and Logann responded with the one underneath. I cannot really read what it says, but I feel that the picture alone says it all.


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