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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sorry every one! I did not realized how long it has been since I posted. Recently I just moved back to Arizona. I finished my first year of college at Utah State. I definitely had some rough times, but I loved it so much. I made some of the most amazing friends ever, and also met some incredible people. I am really excited to go back up there next semester. I recently decided to switch my major to art, so I am hoping that I can get accepted into the art program for the spring 2015 semester. During my first year away from home lots happened and so much changed. For one I gained around 45 pounds, yes it was much needed, but still! I went on quite a few dates,  I am sure you know if you keep up with my blog, I was living on campus in Jones hall, apartment 401. I had some really cool roommates first semester. I am not going to lie though, it was hard living with 5 other girls. The thing is that we were all so different so we all had problems with each other (I mean what else do you expect) we were all raised so differently. All of us cleaned different, acted different, cried more than others (Rebekah), and even had more drama than others. Even though I knew we were supposed to be living together first semester, at times I wish I did not live with any of them. The end of fall semester came around and 3 of my roommates decided they were going to move out. The thought kind of scared me and also was kind of a relief! I had a hard time learning how to love them for who they were and I did NOT want to have to be nice to 3 new girls (my inner brat, and also probably stubbornness). Rebekah and I decided to move into a room together so we didn't have to get new roommates. Spring semester came around and only ONE girl moved in, and we ended up liking her. We were seriously beyond happy. Instead of 6 there were only 4. Yes the two less girls make a HUGE difference! Although, during all of this one of my best friends, Katie, that I lived with moved back to South Carolina so that was really hard and sad. I still miss her, and to think we only knew one another for 4 months is crazy! Now that I am back in Arizona I am missing Logan probably a little more than I should. Like I said before I made some amazing friends. Yes the majority of them are all guys, except Brie Allen, what an incredible person and example she is. They all live in Yellow House (except Brie, but she lives close), which is right behind the institute building (practically on campus). I honestly have never met a more accepting, fun and loving group of people in my entire life. I do not know what I would have done without them this semester. Those boys showed me how easy it is to love and care for others. On Easter my friend Scotty, one of the Yellow House boys, invited me to go spend Easter with his family in Centerville. After spending that Sunday with one of the most incredible families I have ever known. I could finally understand how he could be as kind and loving as he is. One thing I do know is that all of those boys' parents sure did something right! Over all this last school year was overall really difficult, but in the end it has paid off. I have learned so many new things about myself (good and bad). I have matured quite a bit, and still have TONS of maturing left to do. It is so cool looking back on the past year and seeing how much I have progressed, and beyond excited to see how much more I can progress. I am really happy to be home with my family, but do miss my friends and life up in Utah.
Yellow House friends left to right: Scotty, Ian, Matt, Larry, Brie, Paskett (Taylor), Briton.


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