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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

This past weekend, I was able to spend it with some very cool kids. Brittyn's birthday was this Saturday so I got to take her, Easton, Brock and Garret to the movie. Yes, me just me, alone with 4 wild hooligans. Fortunately I walked away with only a couple grey hairs (JK I don't have grey hair, yet). Spending the morning and afternoon with them really was fun. It reminded me of how precious time is. Time spent with family, friends, and even yourself. I still feel like I am 10 years old to be honest, and I probably act that way too, time just goes by way too fast now. I am so glad that I have used the time I have had here in Snowflake this summer to build better relationships with my family members. These kids show me that it is okay to let go and have fun, and I love them so much. On another note, Maleficent was SO good. It was not as scary as I thought. I was a little worried about taking Brittyn and Brock. 


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