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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sorry for not posting anything lately. I have been super busy with school. I had Thanksgiving break then went back to Logan to study for finals then came home for Christmas! Here are a few photos of what has been going on lately in my life. Also if you would like to watch my video of my trip home for Thanksgiving here is the link. Thanksgiving video
 Oh my dear sweet roommate Katie moved out of our apartment before Christmas break. I am going to miss her so much, she definitely became one of my best friends. Bekah and I will miss you. Cannot wait to see you again.

Photo adventure with Kaite, Lauren & Rebekah

I have was able to go on a couple photo adventures with my friend Ryan James. He is such an incredible photographer.

Studying for finals at the library and she takes this. 

Porcupine Dam

The Crepery with Rebekah and Katie

For some reason Rebekah thought it was funny to write this on her receipt at Texas Road house.

No cute photos of Rebekah

On my way home to AZ through Sardine Canyon. 

Beautiful Arizona sunset. I missed them.

Could not resist. I had to go darker again. 

I was able to cut Jace's hair in Snowflake when he came to visit.

Just a couple things I missed about my job at Celebrations.

Went on a fun adventure with Hayden Farr and took some great photos. He is awesome. Love you Hayden and happy birthday!


Mikelle gave me a ring for Christmas and on it this is what she wrote "I am not mayring you" 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

This last week was such a great week. It all started off when I got a package in the mail from my mother, and they happened to be my snow boots! At the time I was so excited to wear them. Now that it is snowing I am not too happy. I love my family so much and I love getting letters and packages. 
Friday came around and none other than Shelbi Rawlins came down from Rexburg to stay with me for the weekend. Saturday we went to the pumpkin walk in North Logan. All of the different scenes were so cool and so fun. Once we got back from the pumpkin walk Shelb and I made some turkey bacon avocado panini's Celebrations style. Later that night we went to The Howl, a huge Halloween dance party that USU holds every year. Shelbi and I didn't dress up because we mainly were going for the band that was playing there, Shiny Toy Guns. I used to listen to them a lot in 8th grade with Lindsay Webb. After standing in the concert hall for a couple hours we made our way clear to the front. We could have reached over the railing and touched the stage. Both of the concerts I have been to have been with Shelbi. So that was such a fun experience. Sunday afternoon, after Shelbi left, Logan and I went on adventure through the canyon. That was such a fun and relaxing Sunday activity. I love my friends and the examples they are to me. I don't know what I would do without them. 

First time at Aggie Ice Cream!

Marilee, Shelbi & me

Some things never change.
Me, Shelbi, Tiffany & Marilee

Sleepy Shelbi

Feeding the ducks in the Logan River

Logan Canyon

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