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Sunday, March 16, 2014

To end my spring break I went to church with my family. Garret wanted me to get him ready and take some cool pictures and also wanted me to cut his hair so he could "be cool". Man my family is awesome! Especially GTR. 

My spring break was pretty laid back. I just went back to Snowflake, Arizona (home). A year ago from today I told myself I would never go back, and I would never miss it. Needless to say, I miss Snowflake more than ever. I love Logan so much, it is just so beautiful and fun, but my heart will always be in Arizona.

At home I was able to have a fun little movie night with Cooper Drake, he insisted that I buy him candy and rent a movie or else I would not be his favorite any more (can't let that happen). We rented Despicable Me 2 and we both loved it. I laughed a little more than C-Drake, but hey it was so cute! 

Good thing Cooper and I were on good terms the first night I came home thanks to our movie night. Every single morning he would come and jump on top of me and wake me up. Yes this is about spring break and yes Cooper woke me up around 6:30 -7:00 AM every single morning I was at home. It is a dang good thing he is cute and I love him. 
This below is Cooper's leprechaun trap that he made all by himself. One of the funniest/ cutest things ever (I suggest you read it if possible)

"Stairs on the back if you want gold clime the stairs and get in the box"

"turn paper over"

"cot you!!! haaahaha"
The end of my spring break Blake Peterson and Jayden Gubler invited me to go to The Devil Wears Prada concert in Tucson at the Rialto Theatre. I seriously loved every second of it. I would be lying if I said I wasn't freaked out at times. 

I asked my parents and siblings to describe my family in one word, and these are the words they came up with. Unfortunately my mothers choice of dysfunctional did not make the cut for the list. 


That pretty much sums up my family. Every single one of us have a different personality, which makes for a good time all the time (the definition of good time can mean for us or for the bystander whom ever it may be). I love my family with all my heart and I do not know what I would do with out them. Over the years I have learned that they are going to be some of my best friends forever. Since moving away from home in August I have developed a relationship with each of my siblings that is so different than before. Being so far away from them is so hard, but makes the reunions so worth it. Have you ever cared about an individual so much that when you see them sad, or mad, or happy you feel that emotion with them? That is how I am with my brothers and sisters. With the exception of Cooper, he is usually angry and I just think it is funny. I love him though. 

Fun throw back, bare with me.

Bailey Brett, my first sister/ sibling ever. Just had to throw this picture on here because I love it so much. My family used to live in Florida, and Bailey and I actually had some color to our skin. 

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