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Thursday, February 27, 2014

As you all can probably tell. I am so obsessed with the mountains here in Logan, Utah. My mother has been here for a little while and so the other day we decided to take a hike through the canyon. Rebekah loves to model for me, which works out perfectly because I am not a huge fan of being the model. I would much rather be taking the photos. This one is my favorite from our "shoot" I will share more once I get them all organized. Life has been a little crazy lately so these are just the few that I could share at the time. Also my mom and I went to a Utah Jazz game against the Phoenix Suns. First professional basketball game I have been to and I loved it. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

I feel that no one really understands how much one small thing can change a persons life. It can be a smile, a wave hello, even just holding the door for a stranger. I also feel that we do not value the small things in our lives. The 30 second phone conversation with some one you care about, cold water bottle after a long jog, or even having a seat on a crowded bus. I have really been thinking about some of the small and maybe insignificant things to others that impact my life more than I realize.

Here are a few small things that make a difference in my life:

My boots and beanies. If only I could express to every one how much I love these two small things, especially in this weather. 

This gelato makes me so happy. I just love the simplicity of the logo and writing. 

Pictures I have with my mom ( mainly because she looks my age and looks like one of my friends, because she is)

My polaroid camera, and moments that I get to keep forever. 

Logan Temple, definitely not a small thing, but looking down the mountain to see the lit up tops of the temple, that is what I love. 

The conversations I have with my dad every day of the week, even if it is for 2 minutes because we are both busy. 

The mountains ( also not small, but very significant in my life) I love to go hiking, what a perfect place Logan Canyon is for that. 

Hearing Bailey say "I love you too" as fast as she can so no one (including me) can hear her.

Snapchats of my siblings (especially this one) 

The whole wall of windows in my apartment. 

Recently I have really come to appreciate the cheap paint brushes that I have. They allow me to attempt to be creative and I love it. 

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