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Thursday, September 26, 2013

I found out this past week being homesick is not fun. I was able to FaceTime my family and Hayden. That really helped. I had quite a few tests this week. On Tuesday our friends Kyle, Michael, and one of their friends Cameron invited us over to their house for ice cream sulshes, all I can say is amazing. Way to go men. Katie Rebekah and I went to Texas Road House for date night Monday night. As you can tell Lauren and I got super tired and fell asleep together. It just seems like the week kept dragging on. So... The big SURPRISE! My mother decided to come and surprise me! The day was going just like a normal day, I got out of my anthropology class which is my last class on Wednesday, called my mom like usual. We talked like normal, she was so calm about it all! I walked into my apartment and walked into the kitchen. I saw my roommate Kenna with her camera out so I just smiled at her thinking she was just taking random pictures. To my surprise my mom was right next to me. I was so shocked as you could tell. That moment was so overwhelming and so wonderful. I could not help to cry. I am so blessed to have a mother like her. I miss my family so much and I also miss Arizona, but I love Logan also. It is the best place ever. I am looking forward to a fun weekend playing with my mother. Xoxo

Nightly temple trip with Bek

I drink so much milk... 


Michael, Kyle & Cameron


My mom <3

What an eventful week.
This past week was homecoming here at USU. I received a package from my family. My sweet mother made me the most adorable quilt ever, and my brothers wrote me the funniest letters I have ever gotten. One downfall to my great week was that my phone broke. I ended up driving an hour and a half into Salt Lake City to the City Creek mall since that is the closest Apple store, unfortunately. Things ended up working out really well for me. I got a new phone and got to go on a date with Beau Gardner from Pinetop-Lakeside. I FINALLY got to see some one from the White Mountains in Arizona (so exciting). We went on a little hike to a waterfall, then up to a view of the valley. Later that week we had the homecoming dance and the homecoming game. Our football team played Weber State, and we killed them. During the game it started raining so I pushed my way clear to the front on the 20 yard line. Just for my brothers I got a couple good picture of Chucky Keeton. 

This is the quilt my mother made me.

Cute Roomies Katie and Rebekah.

Our adorable group on the hike.

The coolest person ever, Beau Gardner.

Kenna and I at the parade. She got me out of bed like 5 minutes before the parade started so excuse the mess.

Walking to the game. It's not crazy it's game day.

Romney stadium, homecoming game.

Me, Rebekah, Lauren, Katie, and Kenna. We are missing Emil, she had to take tickets for the game. 

Bek and I 

Another picture of the field.

Roomies and me again

Okay, so this is totally for my brothers and it should count for something. I had my friend Chase Checketts lean over the railing to get it for me. 

Logan the Asian and I. During the game it started raining! What a great way to end the week. 

Chase Checketts and Logan Truong.

Big Blue. 

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